“From the Slums of Shaolin…”

This is my first attempt at sharing my writings with the public, so welcome!

Some background to what inspires me in writing and the way I think and approach things would probably help.

Fantasy has always been the genre I’ve enamored by, starting with the Redwall series throughout all of elementary, alongside the Harry Potter series (I have to admit I never could get into finishing it).  My first attempt at writing was my own rethinking of a mashup of Redwall stories into it’s own thing, and I blatantly fanfic’d the shit out of that, but I was in grade 6, so no harm done. I think my dad actually still has the only printed copy I know of.  From there, I was given the Hobbit as a birthday gift, and then I dove headfirst into Tolkien’s universe for easily the next couple years.  If it had to do with LoTR, I wanted it.

After that was the entire Wheel of Time series that Robert Jordan had finished writing at the time, which Dad indulged me by buying the next book every time I finished the last.  I recently read what Brandon Sanderson did to finish that series, and I was pleasantly surprised, which led to me gorging myself on all of his works that he has finished and has ongoing.

So after reading what was available of the WoT series, I randomly found a book at the airport in the summer of grade 10, called Reaper’s Gale by Steven Erikson. It threw me into the later half of a series that has made me emotional more times then I care to mention. I’m unashamed to say I’ve read the entirety of the Malazan Book of the Fallen at the very least 6 times.

In the last two years I’ve read too many different series to name off the top of my head, (GoT comes to mind, and to be honest my thoughts on it boil down to it’s alright?, the story itself is amazing, I’m just undecided on the writing).  OH, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels and Neil Gailman’s Sandman series is where my spare funds are going towards these days. I’m loving them.

So what does all of this have to do with my writing? Um. I’m always coming up with ideas for stories, poems, random flash fictions, but I haven’t until recently been taking the time to put it to paper, then fleshing them out into something else.  A lot of what I’ve come up with has been inspired by real life and I have tried to give these events an over the top fantasy twist. If you know me, and you see something that reminds you of yourself, congrats, you were an inspiration (for better or worse).

Wu-Tang is for the children.



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